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I’m a traveler and along the way, I realized I really want people to see what I see. Traveling has humbled me a million times. I have planned these trips to bring you along my adventures and to get a feel of what it’s like to see the world. I also love meeting new people. It’s always great to meet like-minded people who share the same passions as you do and can become a part of your experience.

My goal is to have everyone that comes on these trips I plan, feel happy, relaxed, alive, to find the motivation to care for themselves but after all to leave with a new friend. When you feel your best you perform at your best. I want to show you that you can live your BEST LIFE! Enjoy a getaway that will allow you to relax, de-stress, fill yourself with energy and meet amazing new people who you can build relationships with. Create memories-remember it all- apply it to your daily life.

Let’s explore and fill up our passport pages. This moment is about you!


How it Works

Step One: Email me at Elibel@elibellaureano.com for trip details

Step Two: Submit your deposit to save your spot or pay in full

Step Three: Receive an email confirmation with further trip details

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Traveling plans with Elibel as my guide was definitely a stress reliever. She kept me updated on the weather, currency exchange information and must see/must try places while staying on budget. I will definitely be reaching out to Elibel on my next trip. I recommend you do the same for your next vacation or getaway.

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Hello guys,
I’m Elibel your travel planner and soon to be friend. It all started with one simple trip and it has brought me to this. I fell in love with different foods, cultures and people. It never occurred to me that I could develop something out of it and here I am. It’s amazing to take what I love to do which is travel and be able to bring people along with me to share it all. I have created these trips not only to go away and enjoy our planet but to also meet new people.

- Elibel

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