Hello Guys, My name is Elibel...

“I help couples and single open minded individuals who love to travel the world on a budget, find the vacation of their dreams”

I’m a certified health coach who loves to travel the world and find the BOMBEST food around. When I was about 17 years old I planned my first trip and it has not stopped ever since. Traveling makes me feel alive and eating well keeps me alive lol. I have been doing heavy traveling since 2015. I love what I do and hope to keep growing in knowledge to help anyone who wants to travel the world do so.

I am extremely passionate about booking trips and searching online for the best deals. For some of you, this might seem like a headache or very overwhelming. I absolutely love it. It keeps me entertained. I not only love to discover new places to visit but I like to see what is the minimum amount of money I could possibly pay to get there. Exciting lol.

If you’re looking to go away and save money I’m your girl. I will help you find a well worth vacation for a reasonable price. Email me anytime.

- Elibel